1. I usually don’t do ‘e-commerce’ shots but was honored and stoked to shoot this deck that @misterhouser did for @spectrumskateboardco #Sk8


  2. TDIF. Thank Dog It’s Fishtown. Happy Friday.


  3. For my 5001st Instagram post I thought I’d do a discarded Arctic Splash but looking forward, I think I’d like to do more like this one. #bjj @balancemma @cauliphlower (at Balance Studios)


  4. #somewhatdailyrun (at Penn Treaty Park)


  5. One man’s trash is another man’s picture of trash. #arctictrash


  6. #morninautos


  7. #arctictrash #arcticsplizash


  8. Deadly duo @drew_tine vs @sharknando #gi vs.#nogi #bjj @cauliphlower (at Balance Studios)


  9. Took my wife out for tacos & ice cream for our two week anniversary.


  10. Memphis & York. #arctictrash


  11. I went for the extra garlic wedding style. (at Krakus Market)


  12. @watergrip in the house. @balancemma (at Balance Studios Jiu-Jitsu & Yoga)


  13. #fishtown


  14. About to see #FuckedUp. In the rain. Wouldn’t have it any other way. (at Morgan’s Pier)


  15. Palmer St. #arctictrash #arcticsplash