1. Front St. 6am. #vsco #fishtown (at Berks (SEPTA station))


  2. I call this the ‘Turrell Tunnel’. Not sure who actually made it. #philadelphia #vsco


  3. #preworkout meal for the whole week. #porkbelly (at Memphis Taproom)


  4. @mrhouser shredding at the weird spot this morning. (at 8th And Poplar)


  5. Early morning skate session with @erwinfletcher (at 8th And Poplar)


  6. #BurritoLife #Adovada (at Frontier Restaurant)


  7. Somewhere in New Mexico (at Cities Of Gold Bowling Alley)


  8. at The Center Of The Universe


  9. at Frontier Restaurant


  10. #taostype (at Rio Grande Gorge Bridge)


  11. Oatland Raiders. #Chimayo


  12. #taos #pottery


  13. I usually don’t do ‘e-commerce’ shots but was honored and stoked to shoot this deck that @misterhouser did for @spectrumskateboardco #Sk8


  14. TDIF. Thank Dog It’s Fishtown. Happy Friday.


  15. For my 5001st Instagram post I thought I’d do a discarded Arctic Splash but looking forward, I think I’d like to do more like this one. #bjj @balancemma @cauliphlower (at Balance Studios)